About Amshapopo

Amshapopo is a project by THEDEXTAZLAB STUDIOS with the objective of ensuring nobody drives a car with empty seats to minimize the environmental impact of our daily commutes. It is framed within what is known as sustainable mobility.


The objective of Amshapopo is to spread the practice of carpooling and encourage the rational and efficient use of the car as a mode of transport. This seeks to reduce:

  • The emissions of gases that cause the increase of the greenhouse effect in our atmosphere.
  • The consumption of fossil fuels (non-renewable resources).
  • Traffic congestions that cause great loss of time.
  • Smog and noise levels in cities, causing diseases.
  • The probability of traffic accidents, with the consequent decrease in mortality.

To achieve this, we have developed a free, collaborative, easy to use platform where people can share their car trips with others.


How does Amshapopo impact our lives?


When a person carpools several events occur simultaneously that affect the life of that person and that of others.


First of all, one of the biggest positive impacts of Amshapopo is to reinforce social ties. When sharing a trip, people who often did not know each other, can converse and connect during a trip. Emerging possibilities of work and new contacts, exchanging points of view on different topics, generating trust among the people, forming even a feeling of "Amshapopo community". This is achieving a cultural change in front of strangers, in addition to much more entertaining and fun trips.


Secondly, the practice of carpooling generates a positive environmental impact when two car drivers who usually travel in separate cars decide to join and travel in the same vehicle leaving the other stored in the garage. If this becomes habitual in people we could reduce the amount of circulating cars and thus also decrease travel time, greenhouse gas emissions, the consumption of fossil fuels (non-renewable resources), smog and noise pollution that provoke vehicles, among other benefits.


Most of the trips that are currently loaded on the platform do not generate a direct environmental impact. These are interurban trips that are occasionally made on weekends. However, they serve to make people aware of the practice, they are encouraged to travel with strangers and find a new way of traveling. In the future, when the practice becomes massive, we hope that people consider carpooling as something viable to apply both in their occasional weekend trips as well as those of routine, going to work, school, etc. We also hope that more drivers will get carried away in a car and leave theirs parked.


Third, sharing the car implies an economic benefit for travelers. When a trip is finished, the cost of fuel and tolls is calculated and divided by the number of occupants of the vehicle. Then, when the number of occupants increases, the cost of the trip decreases and it becomes more accessible.


Carpooling has different positive impacts on society, encourages socialization among strangers, decreases the number of cars circulating with the benefits that this means and represents an economic benefit for users. That is why we believe it is important to encourage this practice and raise awareness among people to make more rational use of the car.


Environmental Impact


Each time two motorists decide to share the trip in a single vehicle, they avoid - on average, per kilometer traveled - the emission of 150 g of CO2 into the atmosphere, one of the main gases that contribute to the greenhouse effect, and the consumption of 0.071 liters of naphtha, a non-renewable source of energy and that is why it should be used rationally.