Frequently Asked Questions

How to use Amshapopo

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How does trip visibility work?

So that you feel safe, when creating a trip you can define which Amshapopo users will be able to see it. There are three types of visibility: "Public trip", "Visible to friends of friends" and "Visible to friends". You can define who your friends are, sending friend requests within the platform and, if you linked your facebook account, the platform will also take into account your friends who are in Amshapopo.

  • "Public Trip" → ALL Amshapopo users will be able to see and request this trip.
  • "Visible tp friends of friends" → your friends and their friends from Amshapopo and Facebook (if you signed up using Facebook) they will be able to see and request this trip.
  • "Visible to friends" → only your friends from Amshapopo and Facebook (if you signed up using Facebook) who use Amshapopo can see and request this trip.
If you're a friend If you have a friend in common If you're not a friend
A "Public" trip you see it ✔ you see it ✔ you see it ✔
A trip for "Friends of friends" you see it ✔ you see it ✔ you do not see it ✘
A trip for "Friends" you see it ✔ you do not see it ✘ you do not see it ✘

Can I invite my friends to Amshapopo? : D


Yes !!! Tell them about Amshapopo and invite them to join through the "invite friends" button in the main menu. You can also encourage them to share on your Facebook wall the trips you upload to the platform.


Can I create frequent or occasional trips to Amshapopo within my city?


Unfortunately, we do not support this feature yet. Stay tuned.


Can I use Amshapopo without having a car?


Yes, of course! In that case, when creating a trip, you simply have to indicate that you are a passenger or you can search between driver's trips.


Can I search for a particular trip?


Indeed! Using the travel search engine. On the main screen of the platform you will be able to enter "Origin", "Destination" and / or "Date" (all fields are optional) of the trip you are looking for. For example if you want to go a long weekend to anywhere in Bagamoyo, enter your place of origin and the date you want to leave. The search engine will be in charge of showing you all the trips that leave to that place on that date. In addition, it will show you trips related to alternative dates. You can also look for trips of drivers with free seats or people looking to take them.


I want to rate my travel partner, how can I do it?


You can do it through our rating system. For that, enter the platform within the My Trips section, after the trip, whether as a driver or passenger. A dialog box will appear in which you can rate positively or negatively, and add a comment to broaden your opinion about the experience. Press the button Rate and go, your rating and comments will be sent. Your rating will appear in the profile of the user you rated. Remember that if you are a driver you can rate all the passengers you took, and if you are a passenger you can rate the driver.


Did you have a bad time on a Amshapopo?


If you had problems with any of the passengers or the driver of the trip, write us an email, making it clear what happened. If we consider that it warrants further action and there is evidence of what happened, we can suspend that user for some time or indefinitely or take it up to authorities.


How do I share trips on social networks?


To share your trip or one that you have seen on the platform through social networks, you have to use the buttons with the social network symbol, you can find them in the travel list or in the detail of each one .


For any comments, queries or recommendations


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