Recommendations on using Amshapopo

Sharing is great but you must take a number of things into account to use Amshapopo without problems.

Origin and destination

When creating a trip that has origin and destination with precise directions, you never have to load addresses of your house or similar. Always use a City or a close street.

Communication between users

Depending on how you have entered the platform, you will receive notifications via email or notifications via Facebook when there are requests, acceptances or rejections for Amshapopo, when a trip is modified or canceled, when you send messages, etc.

Carpooling with strangers

Prior to get on a trip with users that you do not have references to (that is, not being "friends" or "friends of your friends"), we recommend that you take a few minutes to review that person's Amshapopo and Facebook profile. That way you can have information about the person. We also suggest talking before traveling. It is always important to get on a trip with someone who you will be safe with.

Pre-trip agreements

Agree with the driver beforehand on the trip, if they will share the costs associated with it, and how much each one should contribute. Remember that the driver can not profit from the trip, see "Automotive Insurance and the importance of calculating the cost of the trip" (below)

We recommend that the payment be made directly to the driver at the end of the trip and without intermediaries.

Before getting into a car or letting someone into your car

  • Check the ID to verify if the identity of the people corresponds to the one they told you.
  • At the time of the meeting, check that the car and model match the data provided by the driver.
  • Ask the driver to show you their driver's license, the registration card of the vehicle and the vehicle insurance updated to date. The car must also have the mandatory technical inspection done.
  • Verify visually that the car you are traveling in is in good condition.
  • Check that there is a seat belt for each passenger
  • Remember that you are not obligated to get on any car or to put anyone in your car. If the people with whom you agreed to the trip generate distrust at the time of the meeting, if you consider any attitude as suspicious, or if the documentation or the status of the car are not in condition, you can express it in the best terms and not make the trip. If you think that your suspicious or suspicion is based on a prejudice, you can say that you had an emergency and excuse yourself or that you do not feel physically well to travel. You can also get out of the car if at some point you think the driver is imprudent or does not make you feel comfortable. When you get into the car and during the trip, you are responsible for exercising your own safety. If you are not satisfied after the trip you can leave a negative rating.

Automotive Insurance and the importance of calculating the cost of the trip

If you agree to share expenses, the total cost of the trip will be calculated as the sum of the fuel cost + tolls . The driver may request a maximum contribution to each passenger from the total cost of the trip divided by the number of occupants of the vehicle at the time of travel (driver and passengers). This must be respected because otherwise an illegal activity would be committed.

We emphasize that the driver should not obtain economic gain in their trips. For more information, check the Terms and Conditions of Amshapopo.