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You can use Amshapopo on your PC/tablet/smartphone via browser or using the app on Android.

Rating System

Share trips and tell the rest of the Amshapopo community how it went! :) Drivers rate passengers and vice versa.


Find your trip by origin, destination, date or time ... you can mix it up however you want, no need to fill everything! :D


It's your choice to share with friends, friends of friends or all users of Amshapopo.

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Collaborate with us to further improve Amshapopo and change the way we commute.

Why Amshapopo?

You can save money, have a great time on your trip, meet people and take care of the environment*

* When two drivers travel in only one car, leaving the other one parked, results to a positive impact on the environment

Less cars on the road implies reducing ...

  • Emission of greenhouse gases
  • Consumption of fossil fuels
  • Traffic jams
  • Pollution

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